Sunday, October 31, 2010


K: Ash is watching me right now type this, so this will be the first she knows of it... There we were in the doctor's office finding out if we were going to have a boy or a girl, and then before I even expected it, the nurse said, "It looks like mom wins this one. It's a girl." I nearly lost it.

A: At this point I still thought that you wanted a boy.

K: No way man! I kept saying I thought it was going to be a boy because I wanted a girl!

A: Right, you told me that after the ultrasound.

K: Well anyways, within a few minutes, I was getting all moisty eyed as I just watched as our nurse was pointing out that our little girl had two legs, two feet, ten toes, a tummy, a bum bum, eyes, a nose, lips, etc... It was pretty surreal!

A: People kept asking me if I was really excited to find out. Honestly it didn't seem real yet, it did't seem like it was time to find out. Pulling into the parking lot I began to get a little anxious. Did I really want to know yet?!

K: Of course you did!

A: Lately Kav has been saying how it will be a boy, I never said it but I began to feel like it would be a girl; but what was the point in speculating. Once the nurse did point out that it was a girl it just seemed so right to me. Not considering that Kav has all sisters it just seems obvious. So now I get to look forward to little headbands and dresses. Even after seeing her it is alost still hard to believe.

K: Towards the end of the ultrasound, the nurse zoomed in on her mouth (the baby's mouth, not the nurse's or ashton's hehe i'm so funny... not) and we saw the baby's lips moving! It was precious! I have one question though: Was the goop really cold and sticky?

A: It was a little chilly but I didn't notice because the anticipation, and it wasn't sticky at all.