Friday, December 31, 2010


A: New Year’s resolutions, everyone knows they are a joke. Why then are they still encouraged and discussed? Goal setting is an art. Everyone knows that a goal must be re-evaluated and assessed very so often, especially with yearlong ambitions. So when we set New Year resolutions why are they for the whole year? Why not have quarterly goals? In all reality four goals can all be the same goal but you think about more than once a year. New Years, St. Patrick’s Day of Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, and Thanks Giving. I would imagine that have four steps to a yearlong goal would make it more achievable and practical. How does anyone expect themselves to remember a goal that is set and not expected to be reached until the end of the year; that is asking for procrastination if you ask me.
As a result of this opinion I have given up on New Year’s resolutions; knowing that I am one of those infamous procrastinators. So now I am faced with the decision; knowing that if I set a goal for March I have to keep track of it more and act sooner than September. Should I instead set quarterly goals and if so what shall they be? Pondering my options it is also important to keep it reasonable and simple. For example one could set a goal that includes three or four goals within that one. But let’s be honest with ourselves; who is really going to accomplish all four goals that are disguised as one? Goals can be overwhelming, and it is better to set a goal that is just a little too easy than too hard. I don’t know about you but once I feel overwhelmed or discouraged the task at hand is half as likely to get done.

Good luck to all on your New Year’s resolutions, as for myself, I will set quarterly resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Breaks arent' always what they seem

A: Yes, the semester is finally over! We are in a bigger apartment.

But know that I don't have homework to do every night I find myself wondering; "What do I do all evening by myself?" I could organize a little, I could read a book, I could paint or draw... What I really want to do after being at work all day is laugh with my husband. It wouldn't matter what we were doing; washing dishes, baking Christmas cookies, un-packing more boxes, thinking up baby names. Christmas break is about family, and I don't even get to see my husband much until Christmas eve.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


A: As I sit here and do my homework it feels like there are a couple of marbles rolling around in my tummy. "Whoa, baby what's going on? It feels like you're doing summersaults in there." Her response is simply to elbow me. The fun part about this though is that I could totally see it; the whole right side of my belly moved.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

At work last night...

K: So all week long at work (I'm a manager at the local grocery store), I've been hearing people talk about the premiere of the new Twilight movie. (Yes, I know they have specific names such as "New Moon," "Ecplise," and "Breaking Jacob's Heart," er, I mean, "Breaking Dawn," but understand I'm not being ignorant by calling them all "Twilight," because I have read the books and I did see the movies.) Anyway, enough of that tangent...

Well, for some reason, I was under the impression that Breaking Dawn was coming into theaters at midnight last night. All week long I was looking forward to a slow and relaxed night of work thinking that the majority of our late-night shoppers (college students) would be at the movie theater here in Rexburg or in Idaho Falls. So I get to work last night, and our store director called me over to give me the low down/procedure for the movie that just came out on video. I was confused at first but realized he was saying that Breaking Dawn wasn't coming out last night, rather, Eclipse was coming out on video. He told me that it was illegal to sell the movie before midnight (12:00 a.m. saturday morning) so we were to keep the store opn for an extra 10-15 minutes to accomodate all the twilight die-hards out there. So here I thought that we'd be able to lock the store at midnight like usual and quickly finish closing everything up and be home really fast. I was irritated when I found out we'd probably be there much much later. He said that he anticipated 100 people coming to buy the movie and that we should just line them up and let them come to one cash register.

As the night wore on, several twilight jokes were expressed and the movie was largely mocked by my fellow employees. I did my share of mocking as well.

As midnight was nearing, the other manager and I went and grabbed the DVD's and began putting them on the displays in the store along with signs that read: "Do not touch until midnight." At 11:55 pm, we noticed there were three people "camped out" next to one of the displays. I was wondering if it was going to be Black Friday all over again! Well, at midnight, the other manager got on the intercom and said, "It is now midnight and you can all grab yourselves Eclipse on DVD. We've got a hot deal for you of $17.99, which is as hot as Jacob taking his shirt off." hahahahaha It was so funny!

Well, to make a long story a teensy bit longer, we ended up selling 9 DVD's last night! hahahaha


Lots of movement going on here lately.

Move #1:
A: It all started back on November 11 at 12:45 am (I remember because that was the day that marked 20 weeks). Beause I was going off to Oregon for Thanksgiving, Kav had been woried that he wouldn't get to be the first one to feel the baby move. He had just returned from work and climbed into bed. "Tell the baby to move." He says to me as he puts his hand on my tummy. Not two seconds later she kicks. We both decided at that point that she would be a daddy's girl.

Move #2:
A: 4:30 am December 4, I had gotten up to use the restroom like any pregnant woman would understand. I get into bed and cuddle up with my sweety. Kav tells me this morning, "I'm minding my own business somewhere between half asleep and half awake, and I get jabbed in the stomach. She kicked me! Wasn't it past her bed time?!" I just think to myself, "I get jabbed multiple times a day."

Move #3:
A: We are both looking forward to moving out of "the palace" as we jokingly call it and into a real apartment! Contract is sold and we will be out of here next weekend. Kav only works two days this next week so we will be able to get alot of packing done and I will get to see him in the evenings! Oh happy day.

K: As I glance across the room right now, I see empty bookshelves and 4 boxes full of books. I was sitting there about an hour ago and all of a sudden I got this sudden urge to start packing. Well, abot 2 minutes later, the urge was gone. However, I made myself at least pack the books because we're going to have to start sometime. I can't wait to be ina bigger place! 3 bedrooms! Woo-hoo! Ash and I are going to go to Wal-Mart in a little bit to look for a fake, small christmas tree. This will be our first christmas with just us, so a tree and decorations are a must!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


K: Ash is watching me right now type this, so this will be the first she knows of it... There we were in the doctor's office finding out if we were going to have a boy or a girl, and then before I even expected it, the nurse said, "It looks like mom wins this one. It's a girl." I nearly lost it.

A: At this point I still thought that you wanted a boy.

K: No way man! I kept saying I thought it was going to be a boy because I wanted a girl!

A: Right, you told me that after the ultrasound.

K: Well anyways, within a few minutes, I was getting all moisty eyed as I just watched as our nurse was pointing out that our little girl had two legs, two feet, ten toes, a tummy, a bum bum, eyes, a nose, lips, etc... It was pretty surreal!

A: People kept asking me if I was really excited to find out. Honestly it didn't seem real yet, it did't seem like it was time to find out. Pulling into the parking lot I began to get a little anxious. Did I really want to know yet?!

K: Of course you did!

A: Lately Kav has been saying how it will be a boy, I never said it but I began to feel like it would be a girl; but what was the point in speculating. Once the nurse did point out that it was a girl it just seemed so right to me. Not considering that Kav has all sisters it just seems obvious. So now I get to look forward to little headbands and dresses. Even after seeing her it is alost still hard to believe.

K: Towards the end of the ultrasound, the nurse zoomed in on her mouth (the baby's mouth, not the nurse's or ashton's hehe i'm so funny... not) and we saw the baby's lips moving! It was precious! I have one question though: Was the goop really cold and sticky?

A: It was a little chilly but I didn't notice because the anticipation, and it wasn't sticky at all.