Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Names

K: So just a little while ago, Ashton commented that when we have our next baby (we are currently expecting baby girl #2 at the end of this June) that we shouldn't tell anyone the names we are considering.  Why do you say that, babe?

A: Simply because that is always the question that people ask and once you tell them a name they think that is the one you will stick with. I think most people these days (and maybe it has always been this way) decide before the baby is born what it is going to be named. I can't just name a baby because I like a name, the name has to fit. Therefore, when I tell people potential names they still aren't getting the answer they were looking for when asking the question, "Do you have a name picked out?"

K: I will say that I can't recall a single person asking me if we have a name picked out.  Usually, it is more of "are there any names you like?" which is very similar.

A: IDK my BFF. Maybe I am just getting tired of the same question over and over again.

K: Ashton literally grabbed the computer from me to type that....  I'll tell you something, though... People aren't going to stop asking.  Whether we tell people any names or not, that question will always be asked.  It's a given.  It's almost like american's asking "How's it going?"  We always do it.  Do we always care for an answer?  No, but it is something we do.  People will ask what names we have picked out.

A: Well then I guess that makes my newly resolved answer of simply "No" less disappointing cause they didn't really care to know in the first place. Unless you meant something else by what you just said. Anyway, I think it will be fun to surprise family and friends with a name for the next one, they wont know what kind of name to expect and we will just announce it to everyone after it's born.

K: People will genuinely care and be interested when asking about a baby name.  I just used that comparison to point out that it is so common for peeps to ask that when they see that someone is farther along in their pregnancy.

Surprising family and friends with the name would be fun, though!  I think that we should come up with a list of names that we would never name a baby and give those names to people when they ask!  I'll start a list: Haggis, Romeo, Leon, Reginold, Arthur, Pansy, Cleopatra, Barbie, Bella...  (**Disclaimer: No offense intended to anyone who reads this and is named or likes one of those - they just aren't for us).  Do you have any names to add?

A: How about your infamous Barney, or Barkley or what ever. Anyway I think if we really did do that the names would have to be a little more believable. Like names that I like but you really don't such as Cambria, Adelynn, Kaiden, Bronson, or names that you like that I won't agree with.

K:  I agree and it's a date.  Goodnight, y'all!

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