Thursday, May 2, 2013

32 week news

My 32 week doctors appointment has proven to be interesting and provide some anxiety for the following weeks. Because Lace came early and was so unexpected, my midwife suggested an ultra-sound to see how long my cervix is. Well, not particularly looking forward to that experience again and especially anxious to hear the results I dropped Lace off at "school" and met Kav at the doctors.

After a prolonged wait, as always, they finally did the ultra sound and the doctor finally came in. First thing I hear is that he wants to give me a steroid shot to help the babies lungs, and other organs to develop faster. He proceeds to tell me that at this point in pregnancy the cervix is usually around 4 cm long, mine is 1 cm. That is exactly what I feared. So after discussing potential side effects I received a rather painful shot. I could feel the liquid going into my hip and it made me leg twitch a little. I will have to return tomorrow to receive one more shot and that will be all. However I can't help but be anxious and a little worried at how soon the baby could come. I was expecting at least another month but the way the doctor was talking she could come  in 3 weeks, he said she probably wouldn't come in the next 2 weeks but wanted me to have the shot just in case so I'm not entirely convinced.

I suppose in situations like this all one can do is pray that all will be well; the baby will come when it is time for her to come, I only hope that times doesn't come sooner than June.

With 5 women I know having thier babies this month and another expecting hers the middle of this month I have been excited and even expressed how I would like the baby to come earlier than the due date. Although not so early that she has to stay in the hospital when I come home. I don't want the nurses to rush her off the to NICU 5 seconds after handing her to me. I want to enjoy the time with my new baby.

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