Friday, May 10, 2013

I guess life just has to be experienced sometimes

There are some experiences in life that you just have to live through before you can realize that advice or stories from others would have been very beneficial. Giving birth and buying a house are those situations I have experienced. I don't know whether I am wanting to share what I have learned or just complain that no one I know feels the need to share wisdom, experiences, or advice with me.
However, I do want to say that even if things didn't turn out any better if I had received advice than they actually did I at least would have known that I did everything to be prepared for or prevent issues. Instead I am left to feel upset and frustrated with myself for not knowing what I would have had no way of knowing unless someone else told me.
I can only hope now that things turn out okay for us and that I don't continue to feel this potentially harmful frustration.

So I guess my home buying advice would turn out to be:
- Go over the home inspection and don't only look for big problems that need to be fixed before moving in but also look for potential problems in the near future. Such as getting a furnace serviced to make sure that you aren't going to have replace it within the first year. (We don't know yet if this has happened to us yet) Then you can ask the owners to take care of that before the sale closes. (This has to be done within 3 days of the inspection though!)
- There is no such thing as "Allowances" when buying a home. Pretty much you either have to have the owner replace, fix, repair whatever the issue is or you have to offer less so that you have the money to do it yourself. However the issue then becomes that the money is coming out of your savings instead of paying them more through a loan and having higher monthly payments. Make sense?

Seeing as how we have not even closed all the way on our house I don't have any more experiences to share but I'm sure I will have a few things to add before the month is over.

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