Monday, May 13, 2013

I like....

K:  I like straws.  Whenever I get the chance, I use a straw when I am drinking something.  I don't know what it is, but it has become this hobby of mine... drinking water, juice, soda, homemade jamba with a straw.  Love it.

I like the iMovie app.  It's pretty rad.  My nephew Benjamin inspired me to be a filmmaker. 

I like this youtube video: 

I like to eat pizza.  In Rexburg, I would rank the pizza places as the following:
1. Pizza Pie Cafe (Though it is still Craigos to me)
2. Dominos
3. Pizza Hut
4. Little Ceasars
5. Noble Romans
6. 5 Buck Pizza

I like Tuesday night stake basketball.  I've got some good homies there...

I like that we are a week from having the keys to our very first house!!!!!!!

I don't like putting dishes from the drainer or dishwasher away after washing them.  Don't know why.

I don't like it when the home button on my iPhone doesn't work (happens way too much lately).

I like my iPhone.

I don't like noisy neighbors when you live in an apartment.

I like Ashton's homemade Jamba.

I like "gentleman's night out."  Had a blast!  Should do it more often.

I like playing texas hold'em with fake poker chips.

I don't like it when I have to "fold" playing Texas hold'em with fake poker chips.

I like it when I bluff in Texas hold'em and it actually works.

I don't like creaky floors.

I like playing with my awesome pal and sweetheart, Lacey!

I like the little girl inside Ashton's tummy.

I don't like "unexpected's" with important things.

I like shopping.

I don't like hitting bad golf shots.

I like that despite all the bad golf shots I hit that I keep golfing.

I like how Golf is kinda therapeutic in a way.

I like that I had fun doing this post.

What do you like?  Feel free to comment below...

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