Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little bit o' this, little bit o' that...

K: Spiders.  I don't likes them.  Lacey and I found a spider downstairs when we were making a bed for her two barbie dolls in a cabinet.  We both froze (well, I froze in place and wouldn't let her move).  I called up to ashton to come down and bring a cup.  You see, whenever we find a spider that is big and icky and gross, we have tried to get a good look at it to see if it is a hobo spee-i-der (watch Megamind if you're wondering why I spelled it that way).  So she comes down and traps it and starts looking at it.  I proceeded to unfreeze and let Lacey-face go.  She bent over and looked at it and said "cute little spider."  Put Lacey in bed and then went upstairs and asked Ashton what the verdict was (oh by the way, when she first looked at it, she said she thought it was a hobo).  She said that she had doubts that it was a hobo.  After reading about it, there were a couple things that ruled it out, as well as Ashton remembering that if you find different kinds of spiders (which we have found since moving here), that usually means there aren't hobos because if there are hobos, it's uncommon to have a bunch of different spiders around.  Anyways, I looked up "giant house spiders" and found this picture and would you know it, it looked just like our little friend who was trapped under a cup (if you don't like big, hairy spiders, please close your eyes now):
So there you have it - the story about our close encounter with a giant house spider that turned out not to be a hobo spee-i-der.

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